Start Online Franchise Business

1. TOKTOK Online Franchise Operator (100 Riders)
– Earn 3% on your Referral Code/Link
– Earn 7% on all of your Rider’s Transactions
– TOKTOK Operator Dashboard
– TOKTOK Operators Technical Training
– Marketing Tools
2. Authorized Dealer of:
3. 15%-30% profit based on SRP

4. Authorized Dealer of COPPER MASK & NINJA ION
5. You have your own WEBSITE/SHOPLINK.
6. You have your own Platform wherein you can Monitor your Sales
7. Sell Frozen Goods in your House/Store
8. FREEBIES Health & Beauty products from JC Premiere

If you join now, you can avail special promo price of P17,888.
Price will increase without further notice.

To apply, please visit and follow our FB Page at :

Join Now :

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