To invest in the forex markets:

In this video, we have veteran forex trader Jonathan Lou Reyes of XM share his forex trading expertise! This video would center on how can stock market investors trade the forex markets.

They have 30 USD free for those signing up just now and they have a promo for June that they will match your deposit up until 500 USD. That means if you deposit 400 USD, you get 400 USD free. That alone gives you an extra amount of money already as you start your forex journey.

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Big, Established and Experienced
With over 3,500,000 clients since it was founded in 2009, XM has grown to a large and well established international investment firm and has become a true industry leader.

XM is currently built of more than 450 professionals with long-year experience in the financial industry.

Our extensive experience combined with support for well over 30 languages, makes XM the broker of choice for traders of all levels, anywhere. We have the expertise and the resources to help everybody realize their investment goals, like only a big broker can.

Trading with XM means trading with a broker who is fair and reputable.

All clients enjoy the same fair and ethical trading conditions regardless of their net capital worth, the size of their investment, or their account type.

XM provides a fair and trustworthy trading experience by pioneering a strict no re-quotes and no rejections policy.

Moreover, 99.35% of all trading orders are executed in less than one second, with no re-quotes and no rejections.

Our business model relies on the firm conviction that in forex execution is everything.

At XM client funds are our top priority.

Meanwhile, all clients benefit from Negative Balance Protection, so they are never at risk of losing more than their account balance.

Human Company
Our management has visited over 120 cities around the world to connect with our clients and partners, because we believe in the value of real human interaction on a face to face basis.

We have hosted hundreds of seminars around the world to educate traders, enabling them to make better trading decisions. Over the years, traders have embraced XM for our refreshing approach to customer service and outstanding support. As a result, XM enjoys a high level of client retention.

Why Choose XM?
XM fosters a sustainable workforce development through a wide spectrum of cultures, and approaches your needs with openness to cultural, national, ethnic and religious diversity. Our advanced trading platforms and flexible trading conditions suit a diverse global clientele. Our expertise is derived from extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the global financial markets. We are dedicated to delivering superior services in currency trading, along with CFDs, equity indices, precious metals, and energies.

The operational philosophy we follow is simple: by ensuring client satisfaction, we earn their loyalty. Our reputation is linked to our credibility, both of which stem from our ability to service our clients in the way that they expect and deserve. By monitoring industry trends and keeping up to date with the latest technologies, we remain ready to adapt to the needs of our clients as they become more sophisticated and more demanding. We have never made any compromises in factors that can affect client performance, which is why we offer tight spreads and the best execution.

Trade forex with no re-quotes and real-time execution.
Choose from 16 Trading Platforms catering to any device.

Noteworthy Event Participations, Awards and Milestones
Awarded the Best FX Service Provider award by COLWMA 2021
Awarded the Silver award for Covid-19 HR Action Plan — Business as Usual, in an Unusual 2020 by Cyprus HR Awards 2020
Awarded as Best Broker in Customer Service by FX168
Awarded as Global Forex Broker of the Year by Global Forex Awards 2020
Awarded as Best Forex Affiliate Broker Programme — Europe by Global Forex Awards 2020
Awarded as Most Reliable Broker – Global by (Capital Finance International)
Awarded as Most Transparent Broker – Global by (Capital Finance International)
Awarded as Best Online CFD & FX Trading Broker – Global by Global Business Awards 2020
Awarded as Best Customer Service Experience – Global by Global Business Awards 2020
Awarded as Best FX Broker, Europe by World Finance Awards 2020
Awarded as Best FX Broker, Australasia by World Finance Awards 2020
Acquires Gold accreditation from Investors in People
Awarded Best FX Service Provider by City of London Wealth Management Awards (COLWMA) 2020
Receives Fastest Growing Broker 2019 award from Followme Social T

Create Feature Rich eCommerce Sites With OpenCart Development

Today, every business is taking to the online world for growth as well as survival and eCommerce is gaining great popularity as people nowadays are more interested in shopping through the net. Creating an online shop is now very easy as there are numerous platforms that can be used to build the online store.

The Skype Interview

Today I had a Skype interview for a work from home online job. Like any job interview I felt a bit nervous and anxious to get it over with. Was I going to totally bomb it? Or was I going to log on and take control like a boss?

Meaningful Ways to Improve Your Online Shopping Cart System

The exact reality of e-Commerce websites according to recent e-commerce survey is that at least 59% (as per ‘Marketing Sherpa’) and 62.14% (as per ‘Market Live’) of potential customers are abandoning their shopping carts with no reason or some minor reasons. So, what are the reasons that are forcing the customers to abandon the shopping carts more frequently?

Open Source eCommerce Platform – The Advantages

eCommerce platforms have brought in a great degree of convenience both for buyers and sellers regardless of the products or goods that are being marketed. Open source eCommerce platforms are more popular to proprietary software because they are made available free meaning the users can actually enhance or modify them to meet their business preferences. Hence, they are also called free eCommerce platforms. Most of them are free to download applications and they come with a responsive design, making them mobile friendly making them even more convenient. But what advantages does such a platform have?

Sell, Selling, and Sales

Learn how to make money at home, through various venues. Learn how to make money selling products online.

eCommerce Order Fulfillment

As an eCommerce order fulfillment service, the companies work with a particular startup merchant that will surely be new to the order fulfillment process and will also occasionally not be too familiar with what the process is exactly or how it works. Basically, an order fulfillment in general refers to the various steps that are involved in processing, receiving and delivering of all the orders. This is a general definition and can also apply to various types of orders that range from large business to small businesses.

Order Fulfillment Service

As retail sales are growing significantly compared to traditional store level sales, most of the businesses are finding out ways to learn the best way to fulfill their online orders and distribute their products to the rest of the world. The process starts from receiving an online order through placing the product in the hands of that particular customer. Order fulfillment needs are satisfied mostly by the merchants who act as mediums between the eCommerce company and the customers.

Getting Started With Your Online Store

With more and more retailers now looking at online stores as the way to maintain and increase sales how can an independent retailer get themselves noticed and keep growing with increased competition from a global marketplace? Selling online is not the ‘holy grail’ and a ‘licence to print money’. Your business may have found a niche product or a well known brand that has a big following but unless certain principles are followed it can be difficult to get your site, store and products in front of a mass audience.

Why Magento Is the Best E-Commerce Solution

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform which is robust, flexible and cost effective. Various e-commerce website development services utilize this highly scalable platform to customize the features as per business needs.

Popular Extensions For OpenCart eCommerce Solutions That Helps In Business Growth

OpenCart is an open source out of the box shopping cart solution that is feature rich and user friendly. It is a robust eCommerce solution that allows the online merchants to create their websites and participate in the eCommerce at reduced cost.

Why You Need to Implement Receiving Payments Online

Web-based businesses that accept online payments for the products or services they sell through their site have an edge over competition. This is since customers who buy products on the Internet find it convenient to pay their purchases instantly and receive their orders immediately. For this reason, more companies are offering the same service, including it in their system.

Five Tips on Using eCommerce Software Development Profitably for a Digital Enterprise

eCommerce software development can enable digital enterprises to maximize the bottom line. While eCommerce should ideally be looked at as an important component of a multi-channel sales system, some business leaders and managers tend to commit the error of looking at it as a separate vertical. It is this erroneous vision of business leaders and managers that lead to a series of errors in business strategy formulation and execution, usage of technology and business processes.

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