In this video, we are doing a deep dive on GInvest the newest feature that Gcash has which allows Filipino investors to have access to both local and global funds.

What’s interesting about it is, you can invest in local funds for only 50 Pesos and you can invest in global funds for only 1,000 Pesos. Imagine having the ability to have exposure to Ayala stocks for only 50 Pesos and Apple stocks for only 1,000 Pesos.

GInvest is so easy to open because as long as you have a Gcash app you can open an account in just a few minutes. It took me less than 10 minutes to setup my GInvest account and at the same time also already start buying and accumulating units in the fund.

In this video, I will be sharing my experience in Gcash and how easy it is for me to be able to open an account and at the same time do it without putting a large amount of money.

Ensure you have a fully verified account on GCash and have completed the GInvest registration process so you can start investing!

If you want to start investing, you need to download the Gcash App in the link below and look for the the GInvest icon.

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GInvest is the investment marketplace feature of the GCash App. This service allows users to invest in various investment funds from our partner product providers.

GInvest, will be the first ever digital investment platform which allows Filipinos as young as 18 years old to explore investments and grow their wealth with the use of their fingers. It aims to remove the barriers which hinder people from investing through low minimum buy-ins and a fully digitized module integrated into the GCash platform.

“GInvest removes the barriers of investing by simplifying the experience, lowering the minimum investment amounts, and giving access to a curated set of professionally-managed investment funds–all at the press of a button,” Martha Sazon,

Mynt, a FinTech startup partnership between Globe Telecom, the Ayala Corp., and the Ant Financial (an affiliate firm of China’s Alibaba), is the operator of one of the country’s most in-demand mobile wallet app.

The company aims to elevate Filipinos financial literacy and democratize investment. Officially launched in-app in 2019, there are now over one million accounts linked to GInvest.

To start your investment journey, you just need a fully verified GCash account, which requires a single valid ID, and a minimum amount of ₱50 for local funds and ₱1,000 for international funds.

Once you have your funds, log in to your GCash account, proceed to the GInvest module, and select “Proceed to start registration.” From there, you will have to answer the Risk Profile assessment to help GInvest gauge what kind of investments to recommend. After reading and confirming the Terms and Conditions that follow, you are ready to start investing.

GInvest provides access to only the best performing assets that users can choose from, namely: Money Market Fund (the more traditional way of investing, like time deposits), Philippine Total Return Bond Fund (which lets users invest in bonds in local companies and government), Philippine Smart Equity Index Fund (which lets users invest in local companies through the PSEi index, like BPI, BDO, and Ayala), Global Technology Feeder Fund (which lets users invest in tech companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung), and Global Consumer Trends Fund (which lets users invest in companies like Shopee, Nintendo, or Alibaba).

While returns are not guaranteed since this is dependent on factors like fund manager performance, market volatility, and overarching trends, GInvest can guarantee safety of the platform through its tech platform partners, ATRAM, one of the country’s leading asset manager, and SEEDBOX Philippines, a company that introduced digitized investing in the country.


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A Vast World Of Affiliate Publishers Serving Affiliate Marketing Companies

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