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Please do not buy a stock just because it is talked about in Youtube. This video is for informational purposes. This is to give you a reference point and data on how you are suppose to analyse stocks only. Never buy or sell just because of this video.


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In this video we have Willy Chua back as he shares his expertise on what are the bargains right now in the stock market and what are the businesses that will do well in this new Philippine economic normal. If you are a stock market trader and investor or you are a business person and want to thrive massively in this new normal, you have to let go of what you know, let go of things that no longer work in this new normal.

Please do remember not to buy or sell a stock just because it is talked about in Youtube you need to form that opinion on your own and you need to make your own due diligence when you buy, sell or hold the stock. This video is for information purposes only.

Bargain hunting implies that a stock is worth less than it should be and is therefore undervalued. Being able to pick undervalued stocks or so called value-investing would be quite a talent but is there really such a thing as an undervalued stock?

Stocks rise on bargain hunting

The local stock market made a strong comeback yesterday from last week’s drop as investors picked up oversold shares.
The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) jumped 150.76 points or 2.61 percent to close at 5,935.85 as share prices rose across the board.
However, volume thinned further to 2.95 billion shares worth P3.9 billion as gainers beat losers 132 to 65 with 37 unchanged.

“Local shares started strong as investor bought into names that would benefit from the economy reopening, and also offsetting a steep decline last week,” said Regina Capital Development Corporation Managing Director Luis Limlingan. ”

Bargain hunting for stocks in a bear market? Here are some tips before you invest

As global markets log some of their sharpest falls in history amid the coronavirus pandemic, some investors have been taking advantage of rock-bottom prices by buying certain stocks.
Major stock markets have been see-sawing for weeks as market participants buy and sell on the ever-changing newsflow. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and pan-European Europe Stoxx 600 indexes went into a free fall last week, and on Wednesday the former fell 6.3% to close below 20,000 for the first time since February 2017.

Top 5 Best Practices for Online Shopping Websites

Before we start digging in the best practices, here are some facts that you ought to know: Online shoppers using high speed internet connection waits to only up to 4 seconds in order for a page to load. Online shoppers using lower connections wait up to 6 seconds.

Business Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions

Every business that sells goods and services online requires some form of credit card payment processing. Online payment services are similar to an offline merchant account. When the purchaser enters his details online, the credit card details are passed through an encrypted gateway, authenticated and the funds are transferred to the sellers account.

Ecommerce Sector Growth And Composition

Ecommerce web growth continues to accelerate on a worldwide basis as more consumers gain confidence to transact on the internet, traditional business shifts its service provision to ecommerce platforms and internet access levels in both developed and underdeveloped countries continues to increase. The following information provides a breakdown of the contribution to economic ecommerce growth. The reported statistics are from the US Census Bureau E Stats publication and outline the sector composition and growth rates over the 2000 to year 2005 period.

What Are The Options For Ecommerce Business Solutions?

Ecommerce business solutions vary depending on a company’s requirements. These solutions can be purchased in a ‘ready made’ state or require a custom tailored solution. Some common ecommerce business solutions are introduced below:

The Importance Of Planning Ecommerce Projects

Ecommerce web projects require a project management framework to scope and bound project requirements and to serve as a guideline for stakeholders and the development team. With a high percentage of ecommerce web projects subject to adjustment, cost overruns and budgetary blowouts are a common consequence of failing to adequately plan.

Become The Guru In Your Niche, Know Your Prospect’s Hot Buttons! – (Practical Examples) Come and See

Being helpful is more than answering someone’s initial question. It is about going the distance and answering questions they haven’t asked yet but intuitively want to know, a question they may even ask some time later. This is why FAQ sections on sites are essential to any website and they usually get massive clicks.

Optimizing Your E-Commerce Site For Higher Sales Volume

Handbags, shoes, skirts, dresses and tops; these are just some of the commodities that never seem to stop growing. Everyone is moving into online retail, but with this sheer competition, do you know how to make you website better so that your customer do not leave your site half way? This article will share with the secrets to making small tweaks on your website that will generate better sales conversion.

“Fear of Loss” Gain Eyeballs to Your Offer – (Higher Conversions) With Your Marketing Campaigns

When giving value to a group of my prospects I shared the value of having a marketing plan that’s runs on autopilot and I shared some extra training about affiliate marketing, and the things I shared were of high value because I never shared them before and they were helping me in my business, day in and day out, so they really enjoyed the information. I then had a time restraint on when they could get this software and I said it would be online for 3 days and after that 3 days I was taking it…

Modern Ecommerce Impact

The impact of ecommerce is having an extensive effect on all areas of human thought and endeavor. In the past, access to information was through offline channels such as newspapers, books, periodicals and television. Since the introduction of the internet, the ability to search “on the fly” is replacing the channels and speed at which information can be accessed.

What You Need To Know About Ecommerce Integration?

Ecommerce integration involves determining the type of shopping cart to be used and selecting a payment processor. The shopping cart integration will depend on your existing sites structure, whether you want to use a pre developed shopping cart or you are building from the ground up.

Amazon Marketing, Get A Piece of The Pie – Physical Products and Online Marketing (Keyword Research)

Let’s take a look at the huge market of physical products. Physical products are such a big business, and it has endless opportunities for you to make serious cash. Look at Amazon alone, they are the biggest sellers of physical products online generating billions yearly off online transactions, they pay affiliates a nice chunk of that and you can get involved with this as well. Here are some pointers to get a piece of the cake.

What You Need To Consider For Ecommerce Planning

Ecommerce planning requires a dedicated approach to scope and bound the functional requirements of the business. An organizations web presence will depend on its goals and objectives. This in turn will define the technology and platform required for the execution stages, the marketing initiatives, support personnel and ancillary requirements to bring the plan to fruition.

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