In this video, we would double down on the importance of saving and investing in 2021. What are the best and most efficient ways for you to save and make your money work hard for you? What are digital banks and how does ING play a big role on how you can earn more and also be efficient on how you save, spend and handle your money.

You can download the ING app in both Apple Appstore or at the Google Play store. You may also click here:

New customers of ING Save will get 4% p.a. for the first four months! Check this out:

Pay your bills via ING Pay from July 21-August 21 and get P100 cashback when you pay 2 bills, as low as P1000 each)

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What I like about ING?

1. There’s no minimum amount to earn the high interest rate via ING Save

2. I can get in touch with their customer service via 24/7 chat

3. I can do mobile check deposits. No need to line up. Just take a photo of your check to deposit it.

4. Free money transfer to any banks in the Philippines via PESONet or Instapay

5. With ING Pay, you can withdraw at any local Bancnet ATM.

6. Pay bills your bills with your ING Pay account

Selling Your Stuff Online: Where to Go and What to Explore

Do you have hundreds of pairs of shoes you want to dispose of? How about old clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Are you a gadget lover and literally own every piece of technological innovation from the last 20 years but don’t exactly know how to get rid of them? Or do you simply want to start an online business selling clothes, accessories, electronics, supplies, or any product actually but unsure how to begin? Well then, this article just might be what you need. In this piece, we will be covering the basics of how to sell stuff online – it doesn’t matter what kind of stuff. We just have to get your business out there so you can earn money just by sitting at home!

eBay – Getting the Best From the Auctions

Most eBay Newbies Come on a whim: they find something of value about the house that hasn’t been used for a while and see if they can get value for it. and that’s how eBay started and how many people use it today, but just because you won’t be alone of you approach eBay this way doesn’t mean that a lot more people are very professional in their approach and tactics. If you are using eBay to learn your way into on-line trading you need to get up to speed: don’t get left behind.

Advancing The Cause – The Top Ten Tips For Advanced Online Sellers

If you’ve been selling for a long time, you have likely learned many tricks and tips along the way that have helped make your business successful. However, you can always learn something new, the below tips for more advanced sellers might what you need now.

10 Authentic Ideas for Your Own Online Business

If you are thinking of starting an online business, you have many options from which to choose. Below are ten authentic ideas for your own online business.

My eBay Sales Have Dried Up What Has Gone Wrong?

Have you ever noticed your eBay sales have started to slow down or dry up? If so what actions have you put in place?

How To Buy UPC Codes For Items On Amazon

Have you thought about selling a unique product on Amazon, but then found you needed a UPC code? And then thought what is a UPC code and where do I get them?

Back-Linking Strategies That Can Help the Company to Attain Top SEO Rankings

You can no longer expect for companies to link up to your website even if you have great content and the right keywords. Website owners with an authority and high PR understand the importance of linking. The benefits generated from linking back are definite.

E-Commerce Web Designing – A Complete Introduction

Online retail owners have a mindset that displaying costly and branded products is enough to persuade the people to purchase them but as far as online shopping is concerned, their e-commerce business should be attractive and should have some essential features to make people purchase the products. Online shopping portals are always at a disadvantage when compared to the physical shopping stores because the buyers don’t get the opportunity to feel the product in their hands due to which a lot of them back out.

Getting Started With Your Own E-Commerce Store

If you want to earn income by making use of the internet, why not put up your own e-commerce store? Follow the basic tips here on how to get you started on that exciting and challenging online business venture.

21 Essential Ecommerce SEO Tips

SEO is what every internet business need and without it he can not do. So, all truth about getting ecommerce works in the next 21 tips. Follow these simple rules and you will see how to improve your progress.

What Is eCommerce and What Does It Do for Your Business?

eCommerce or Electronic Commerce, as the terminology states, is anything within the business world which can be commercially sold electronically. This is big business for a whole lot of people. The invention of this kind of commercial enterprise came about because of the shrinking of the global marketplace.

Essential Strategies To Make Your Ecommerce Business Successful

There are no two ways about the fact that Ecommerce is the future of business. Today, practically any product or service can be bought on the web with thousands of Ecommerce websites existing to support its sale, and many more coming up every day. This presence of a huge number of Ecommerce sites offering almost identical value propositions has become one of the biggest challenges faced by the online businesses.

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