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Hi everyone! The Monde Nissin / Lucky Me IPO just got approved and it will be available for everyone to buy in the next few weeks. Here’s our primer video on the IPO giving you a couple of details on it! Over the next few weeks we will be making more content about this as I hope this gives you more value.

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Please do not buy a stock just because it is talked about in Youtube. This video is for informational purposes. This is to give you a reference point and data on how you are suppose to analyse stocks only. Never buy or sell just because of this video.


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Food maker Monde Nissin has received approval from the Philippine Stock Exchange for its planned initial public offering that could raise 63 billion pesos ($1.3 billion) in what will be the country’s largest-ever listing.

The PSE approval came a day after Monde Nissin, which makes the best-selling Lucky Me! instant noodles in the Philippines and meat alternative Quorn in the U.K., received pre-effective approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In its registration statement with the SEC, the company said it is offering 3.6 billion shares at 17.50 pesos each. The final price will be determined on May 18 while the offer period is scheduled on May 24 to May 28.

“The timing of the offer, final offer price, the final number of offer shares, and allocation of the proceeds will depend on market conditions, the circumstances surrounding the offer, and will be subject to favorably securing the necessary regulatory approvals,” Monde Nissin earlier said.

The proposed Monde Nissin IPO will be bigger than the total of about $809 million raised in the Philippines market from four listings in 2020.

In Philippine filings, IPO prices are typically set far above final selling prices. Underwriting discounts and commissions, and other offering expenses payable by Monde Nissin are expected to be deducted from the gross proceeds.

Aside from Lucky Me! noodles, Monde Nissin’s brand portfolio includes SkyFlakes crackers,

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