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    Online Franchise – Siomai King Online Franchising

    About Siomai King

    Siomai King started in 2010 and is dubbed as “Ang Hari ng Siomai” because it is the first and original in offering 5 pieces of siomai in one serving. Every bite is guaranteed with good taste and with no extenders which truly gives value for money. With its unique variants of Shanghai, Hongkong, Japanese and Chicken Siomai, no doubt you’ll come back for more!

    Siomai King has more than 1000 branches nationwide and still counting. With the company’s vision of providing quality siomai products at an affordable price, Siomai King has certainly captured the hearts of our fellow Filipinos.

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    To know more about your Online Franchise business, watch the recorded webinar Here
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    A Treat You Can Enjoy Anytime of the Day

    You can enjoy different kinds of cuisines in the Philippines because of its foreign influence. One of the most loved Chinese food in the country is siomai. This Pinoy-favorite can be found nearly everywhere, from restaurants and fast-food places to train stations and stalls outside schools. The go-to place of many Filipinos when they want to satisfy their siomai cravings is Siomai King.

    More than a Decade of Deliciousness
    Siomai King opened its doors in 2010 and was called “Ang Hari ng Siomai.” It is because it is the first to offer five pieces of siomai in one serving. Guaranteed without extenders, you will surely enjoy every bite of its siomai. Besides being irresistibly good, you will get value for your money with Siomai King.

    Another great thing about Siomai King is their wide selection of dim sum treats. From Siomai King, you can get different flavors of siomai including, Shanghai, Hongkong, Japanese, and chicken. Meanwhile, Siomai King Express offers a wide range of Chinese treats, such as gyoza, dumplings, mantho, Taiwan beef noodles, and siopao.

    Continuing to Evolve
    Filipinos love siomai because it’s not just a snack. You can eat it at any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner. It tastes great, whether fried or steamed. You can also pair it with rice, noodles and even add it to your favorite soup. Moreover, Siomai King’s wide selection of siomai allows you to experiment more in the kitchen.

    What makes Siomai King even more unique and special? It’s the first food cart brand in the Philippines to transition into online franchising. Aside from food carts, you can also get Siomai King’s delicious treats by ordering from their website.

    5 Reasons It Is A Filipino Comfort Food

    When it comes to comfort food, many people immediately think of ice cream, donuts, or chocolates. However, not everyone has a sweet tooth, and some people take more solace in savory treats. One thing that Filipinos eat to cheer themselves up when they are feeling down is Siomai.

    Plenty of Options
    You have many options with Siomai King. Customers can choose from not only one or two flavors but four different variations of siomai. From the shop, you can get Shanghai, Hongkong, Japanese, and chicken siomai. They also have some sweet and refreshing gulaman to quench your thirst.

    Flavorful and Without Extenders
    Siomai dipped in soy sauce with calamansi and topped with some chili sauce is simply irresistible. Once you take a bite of Siomai King’s treats, it’s hard to stop. What makes its siomai incredibly delicious is its lack of extenders. All of its siomai are bursting with meatiness and flavor.

    Generous Serving for an Affordable Price
    From other food carts, you usually get four pieces of siomai per serving. However, for the price of four, you can get five pieces from Siomai King. Now that’s value for money without sacrificing the taste and ingredients!

    Have It Any Time of the Day
    Another reason many Pinoys love siomai is that you can have it any time of the day. You can have it for merienda during your busy days. It can even be the star of your big handaans (celebrations) with your family and friends.

    Easy to Find
    Almost no matter where you go, there is a Siomai King cart. Besides their food cart outlets, you can also get your favorite Siomai King treats from their website and authorized distributors.

    Walang Umay sa Paborito kong Siomai, Siomai King!

    Siomai is among the Chinese dishes that Filipinos embraced. It comes in different flavors and types of meat. Among the top reasons many love this dish is that you can serve it ay any occasion. It is also something that you can have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even midnight snacks.

    Fried rice is almost always present on Pinoy breakfast tables. Tapsilog, longsilog, and chicsilog are some of the most popular dishes Filipinos love to have in the morning. However, siomai pairs well with some garlic fried rice and egg as well.

    Miswa is a Filipino soup dish with rice noodles, patola, and meat. Usually, it has ground meat or meatballs, but siomai is also a tasty alternative. You can have the soup on its own or top it on some steaming bowl of rice.

    Siomai King’s Chinese, Hongkong, Japanese, and chicken siomai all make a delicious snack. Whether steamed or fried, siomai will surely fill you up and satisfy your tastebuds. Dipping it in some toyomansi (soy sauce and calamansi) with chili oil will make it even tastier.

    For many people, simple siomai with rice will do for dinner. Siomai King’s siomai is so flavorful that it goes well even with plain rice. Pairing it with your favorite veggie dish would make a balanced meal.

    Midnight Snack
    When it’s late at night, what food do you crave? The answer for many Pinoys is pansit canton. For some reason, pansit canton tastes way better when it is past midnight. How do you make

    Your classic pansit canton more special? Top it with some fried egg with some siomai on the side.

    What you can get if you Start an Online Franchise Business?

    1. TOKTOK Operator (100 Riders)
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    – Earn 7% on all of your Rider’s Transactions
    – TOKTOK Operator Dashboard
    – TOKTOK Operators Technical Training
    – Marketing Tools
    2. Authorized Dealer of:
    3. 15%-30% profit based on SRP

    4. Authorized Dealer of COPPER MASK & NINJA ION
    5. You have your own WEBSITE/SHOPLINK.
    6. You have your own Platform wherein you can Monitor your Sales
    7. Sell Frozen Goods in your House/Store
    8. FREE Php 1,000 worth of Health & Beauty products from JC Premiere

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