PHILIPPINE STOCKS THAT HAVE VALUE | Salve Duplito of Salve Says is now back in the show! As she gives an update on her latest investments and the top Philippine stocks that have value. How do you deteremine which stocks are still good right now? What are the stocks that you should you look at even on the midst of the Philippine Economy being in a slump? That and more in this video!

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What stocks should you buy right now if you are investing in the stock market? As promised, we’re sharing here the best stocks in the Philippines in 2021 you must invest right now.

These are the best stocks to buy this year and the great stocks to invest if you have a medium to long term capital growth target.

After in-depth and careful analysis, our stock analysts and banker friends finally sent us their update and outlook reports tackling about the best investments in the Philippines for 2021.

This is actually a million dollar info but since you’re an avid Philpad reader, we’re going to share what we’ve been rewarded as well.

Included in the report were equities, bonds, currencies, stocks global and local, GNP, GDP, GNI and a lot of figures and charts.

We won’t be discussing here the graphs and the curves, the charts and the pies and the technical and tactical strategies. We will just pin point the important results which are the recommended stocks investments for 2021.

According to COL Financial, the number online trading broker in the country, the PSE Index is expected to reach 18,000 in 2025.

2021 is also a year of recovery for most businesses and economies around the world. Many investors believe that the worst is over in terms of the pandemic outcome.

We don’t want to tickle your brains so much with the mentioned data but what does it all mean for us investors in the stock market? It means positive point of view and that we are all going to be happier in our goals.

Anyway, here are the conclusions from the data gathered:

While our analysts and banker friends gave us the formula, we came up with the following stocks recommendations of best stocks in the Philippines or best stocks to buy in 2021.

You can also choose your own preferred stocks following the BPPIH

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