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Upselling – A Technique Of Online Selling

A very effective sales technique is upselling. Let’s take an example, A Software company used to sell two blackjack games: Blackjack Royale for $10 and Blackjack Gold for $19.95. Even at double the price, Blackjack Gold outsold Blackjack Royale 50-to-1 for all the extra features it offered. We then added a built-in advertisement in Blackjack Royale for Blackjack Gold. This is a subtle form of upselling and it was highly effective.

Few Product Ideas For Affiliate Marketing

There are many products that you can create, limited only by your imagination. Surf the internet, what are people selling? What tempts you to want to buy it? People sell graphics, fonts, sounds, custom t-shirts, logos, books for babies, toys, new inventions, hand-crafted items on websites such as, antiques, collectibles, engravings, paintings, anything that can be sold in a store or on a street corner can also be sold on the internet.

Opportunities For Inventor-Entrepreneurs In The Twenty-First Century

THIS IS a fantastic time to be creating new products and bringing them to market yourself! The opportunities for simple ideas that offer clear benefits to the consumer are endless. Consumer spending accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the U.S. economy, even during economic slumps, and 40 percent of consumer spending is discretionary-driven by desire, not necessity. Dreaming up ideas for consumer products can be a lot of fun. But your simple idea doesn’t have to be for a consumer product.

The 80/20 Rule – Ecommerce Web Solutions

The 80/20 rule is one of those principles which many people seem to know about (if only vaguely) but nobody quite knows what to do with. If you’re not familiar with it, then please read this article.

Prices That Sell, Prices That Don’t – E-Commerce Web Solution

Now, how do you price it? Choosing the right price for your product can make a huge difference in your revenue and there are many factors in determining the right price. Psychological price points, Numerous studies have been done to test various prices and how they affect sales of a product. $29.99 sounds cheaper than $30.

How To Add Value To Your Products – E-Commerce Web Solutions

Throw in a few freebies. Buying a CD player for $49.95 doesn’t sound as good as getting a CD player, 5 free CD’s, and CD burning software for $49.95. Additional revenues from one product, Some companies add surcharges to boost revenue. Taxicabs now charge extra for luggage hauled in the back seat versus the trunk.

Things You Will Need For An Online Business

You will be responsible for the goods you take in from consignors. Therefore, you need to carry theft, damage, and adequate fire insurance. Make sure your car insurance covers contents that could be stolen or damaged in an accident. In many states, insurance can be very difficult to find for businesses in the home. First, check with your homeowners insurance company, because many of them offer low-cost riders for such businesses.

Things You Will Need For An Online Business (Part 2)

You should have a business telephone number that is separate from your home phone if you are doing business at home. Train your children not to answer it and get voice mail (not an answering machine) from the phone company.

Business Types – E-Commerce Web Solutions

The most common way to start a business is as a sole proprietorship. Even if you are married and jointly own the business, it can still be a form of sole proprietorship. If not, consult a local CPA if you want to own a business jointly with your spouse and ask how to register it. If you wish to own a business solely without your spouse, then you can be a sole proprietor in any state.

Why Mobile Commerce Is Getting More Successful?

The idea of Square came to market in early 2010 with a very compelling value proposition: give everyone the chance to process credit card transactions. When a credit or a debit card was swiped through a small magnetic card reader, it read the data and converted it into an audio signal.

What Sets the Best Online Stores Apart From the Rest?

With so many online stores on the Internet, only the best online stores are able to stand out in whatever niche they are in. There are some common characteristics that make them successful. Find out what they are so you can build an online store that is just as successful.

The Secrets of Successful Online Shopping Stores

In recent years, there have been a number of successful online shopping stores both big and small. Learn more about what makes them successful and how you can create your own online store that is just as successful.

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