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Do You Need an Ecommerce Website Designer?

For anyone looking to build an online store, the first thing that comes to mind is hiring an ecommerce website designer. Is this really necessary or are there less expensive and simpler solutions?

Google’s Ranking System and Algorithms – The Top 10

The truth is that there is a great deal of mystery surrounding the exact algorithm Google uses in order to determine page rankings. In fact, their algorithms change over 500 times per year, and each time they change, they are not shared with the public. Does that mean that you have no way of knowing how your site will be ranked? Absolutely not! Through dedicated research, SEO experts have been able to determine factual information regarding exactly what factors Google takes into account in their ranking system.

The Four Areas of Social Commerce

What we’ve learned from two years of social commerce research is that if an insight is useful in one area of social commerce, it’s also usually useful and applicable in another. That’s what the Internet is for. So a word of warning, if you are looking for a guide to select or deploy this or that social commerce application or technology-this is not where you’ll find it.

What Is Social Commerce Anyway?

So what exactly is “social commerce”? In short, social commerce is selling with social media, online media that supports user contributions and social interaction. It’s selling with the current “Big Five”. The Big Five Include: 1. Facebook 2. Youtube 3. Twitter 4. LinkedIn 5. Pinterest…

Building Your E-Commerce Website With HTML

One of the simplest ways to build a website and maintain total flexibility with the development is to download a free website template that corresponds to your site’s needs, and then edit the template with a WYSIWYG editor. The editor I use is called KompoZer. There are only a couple of things you need to understand in order to get started.

Developing Your E-Commerce Website With Content Management Systems

Basically, the Open Source Software – Content Management System is a sophisticated idea that allows for the simplest possible means of managing information. It’s a way for non-technical people to manage large amounts of data. Joomla is great example of an open source content management system. Using Joomla, you can create an online directory for your local community and use it to sell advertising for area vendors. And that’s only one example.

Planning Phase For an E-Commerce Website

The Planning Phase is the most important phase in building an online sales funnel, and it is often the most overlooked. I’ll give you an overview of the strategies and tactics that will set the foundation for all of your online marketing efforts. Beware! This section is going to seem a bit odd at first. Why? Because most web design firms and marketing agencies are missing many of these elements. But if it’s missing, how do I know it works?

What Are Memes?

Memes are easily digested than writing a long article. Memes are brief and get people’s attention quite easily. Funny texts, videos and images are now virally spreading through the internet and it is still growing.

How Do You Make a QR Code?

Creating QR Codes is fun. You can customize the design. What’s more, you can choose to create a logo which will look like your website logo or anything you like. We cannot deny the fact there are really QR Codes that do not work. Every business that includes QR codes in their services or products should test their codes and double check them before using them.

Online Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Solutions

When you are dealing in E-Commerce Solutions, you mean business, and business can only be generated by marketing your product. When you are doing business through e-commerce Solutions, then you need to do online marketing in order to generate traffic towards your online portals.

Practical Tips for a Successful Online Christmas

While Royal Mail begins the process of recruiting an additional 18,000 temporary staff to cover shifts throughout December we look at how online retailing is shaping up for its busiest shopping period of the year, and offer online retailers with some practical tips aimed at maximising their online sales, and benefitting from the surge in seasonal traffic. Despite the UK moving towards its second ‘austerity’ Christmas where consumers will be balancing the wish to celebrate and splash out with the constraints of squeezed incomes, Christmas 2012 is still expected to be another record breaking year for the…

How to Build CatalookDotnetStore Modules for Ecommerce in DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke equips developers with some of the most robust and powerful frameworks; crucial for building effectual Web applications desirable for eCommerce in DotNetNuke. Once these prerequisite components, especially the templates for Visual Studio and the framework for source edition are effectively installed, the actual process of development for DotNetNuke (DNN) modules becomes exceedingly fast and repeatable, as well as ready for instant use.

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