Toktok Online Franchise Delivery Service with Maine Mendoza

Gusto mo bang maging isang pioneer sa kauna-unahang ONLINE FRANCHISE DELIVERY SERVICE? Panoorin ito kung paano kumita kahit na sa bahay ka lang.


Ecommerce – Understanding The Importance For Business Owners

In a very simple term, eCommerce can be regarded as the buying and selling of various products over networks of computers or the internet. A blogging site which aims at selling some products also comes under this category as it also deals in various kinds of transactions involving money in different accounts.

Choosing the Right Provider for Your Fashion E-Commerce Brand

Statistics in recent years show that fashion e-commerce is booming on a global scale, and the sector is responding. Whilst the likes of have jumped straight into the online market with notable success, we’re now seeing a huge array of fashion retailers from small boutiques to luxury and high street brands translate their offers to the digital space.

Determinant of an ECommerce Site Designing

What is the single most important page of any eCommerce website? The answer would vary but most of the online store owners would agree that the product details page plays the most important role since this is the page where a customer decides whether to buy the product or to leave it. The product details page mainly describes the product and its benefit, lists down the price and attributes and facilitates the customer to purchase the product. The purpose of a well organized product details page is to illustrate the benefits of a product and is to convince the visitor to add the product to cart in a quick, secure and user-friendly way.

Make Money From the Web With Your Own Online Store

Let’s have a look at how to make money from the web by setting up your own online store. One option is to develop and manage your own online store with an e commerce shopping cart from Yahoo. Basically e commerce websites are solutions for people who want to sell online but who don’t have their own website. E commerce websites allow you to sell online by providing everything that you need to create your very own online store.

Why Time Is Of The Essence In E-Commerce?

What makes the difference between a successful E-Commerce transaction and a frustrating and disappointing experience? The answer is often time. The most successful sites are those that deliver goods or services promptly and leave the user with the feeling that the whole thing is a breeze. So how can you organise your own on-line business to deliver speedily, and therefore satisfy you customers’ desire for near-instant gratification. Let me count the ways.

Practicing Good Online Business Ethics

Do you practice good online business ethics? For instance: Say you write an ad to send to an opt-in list you may be on. Do you just write the ad and not leave a signature? That has got to be the most important part of any advertisement especially online.

Basics Of Ecommerce Website Development

Any ecommerce web site acts as the online storefront for the products and services you wish to sell online. Your website visitors are, for the most part, window shoppers and browsers. An ecommerce web site’s aim is to convert these browsers into buyers.

How Much Is Your Ecommerce Business Worth?

From time to time, I get emails from customers saying that they have decided to move on from having an online business and they are wondering if I can tell them how much their online business is worth. Business valuation is a tough one and we certainly are no experts in that arena. But we do have some insights on the topic.

Converting Website Prospects Into Sales

How do social media and marketing integrate into persuading website prospects into customers? If you are a business owner, this article will help you to learn what tips and tools will help you to save time, increase conversions and guide website visitors to your most desirable action.

Funding an Online Business With American Express OnePoint

Before the BAMS (Bank Associates Merchant Services) introduced the American Express OnePoint program, merchants were skeptical of using Amex for online credit card transactions because the transactions would take a maximum of 120 hours for the sales amount to be deposited into the merchant’s account. Making Difference with American Express OnePoint In the new system, the merchants can now receive payments within a maximum time period of 12 hours. Also known as next day funding, the merchants receive the cleared payments the next day if they submit all the credit card sales detail…

E-Commerce Website Design Tips

Shopping on-line is a growing phenomenon with more and more businesses realising its potential. Having a good e-commerce website design is the only way harness the potential of an on-line shopping platform. This article will give you a few handy tips.

Social Media: The Cheapest Way to Improve Business Visibility

Is your company lost in the Internet shuffle? Regardless of the type of business you run, improving its online visibility can be enormously beneficial. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enhance your company’s visibility.

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