WHAT MAKES NFT GAMES SPECIAL? | How will NFT games work? Is it the future? How will NFT games impact the entire cryptocurrency market and how will it impact gamming as a whole? In part 2 of our interview we have Mr. Chink Positive, Chinkee Tan, joining us today to share his insights on NFT, play to earn, the stock market and Bitcoin!

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Video games based on the NFT blockchain have become a new alternative to earn money among gamers and citizens of countries such as Venezuela, Vietnam and the Philippines, who have turned to them to face unemployment or the lack of economic development.

In 2017, several projects based on blockchain technology and NFT ( non-fungible tokens ) emerged, however, few imagined that they would be so popular, especially in the video game industry. In 2021, according to cryptocurrency portals, various titles have become the sensation of the blockchain space, including Alien Worlds, CryptoBlades Game, Upland, Axie Infinity , Galaxy Blocks, Splinterlands, My Defi Pet , which have contributed to increasing the value of the tokens, which increases sponsorship and at the same time attracts more public.

NFTs are digital representations of assets, which can be real world objects, for example, works of art, bills, house deeds, etc., or assets that do not necessarily have a tangible representation, such as virtual land or avatars of video games that you can donate, give away or sell. No NFT is the same as another, that is, its qualities are unique, exclusive and authentic, which is why digital tokens often function as a collector’s item.

NFT games are based on collaborative economies that rely on blockchain technology to validate transactions, they are decentralized and all players have a share in the game’s winnings. Each game creates its own financial ecosystem and all transactions, as well as the elements of the video game, can be converted into real money. This is the ideology behind NFT games, that’s why they have been so successful, because they have completely changed the perception or the way they are played, since people were used to paying to play and never received anything in return in the games. traditional video games.

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