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Investing doesn’t have a clear-cut order of operations like solving an algebraic equation. But there are some useful guidelines you can use to find your way — starting with your first investment.

The word “investment” is used in lots of different ways, but in this context, we’re defining an investment as a widely available financial asset that’s meant to increase in value or generate income for its owner. Other things — such as paying for college courses to help advance your career — might sometimes be called an investment. But the investments discussed here are all financial instruments that are generally easy to find and to own.

Before you invest
For the most part, you should consider investing only after you’ve met certain financial conditions. Here are some questions to ask before you make your first investment:

Do I have an emergency fund? An emergency fund isn’t an investment. It is a financial cushion between you and unexpected expenses. In the beginning, you can aim to have at least $500 stashed in an emergency fund. But over time, you should aspire to grow that fund to three to six months’ worth of expenses.

Do I have high-interest debt? In addition to jeopardizing your ability to save, holding high-interest debt can negate the earnings from your investments (and then some). It is OK to save for retirement and pay off debt at the same time — especially if you have access to a 401(k) match — but be mindful of any debt you’re carrying as you consider possible first investments.

Do I have an investment account? To buy most of the investments discussed below, you’ll need some variety of investment account that will house your actual investments. If you’re saving for retirement, the tax advantages of a 401(k), IRA or Roth IRA make each of them a great choice. If you want more flexibility than a retirement account can provide, consider a taxable brokerage account, or even a robo-advisor (more on those later).

4 great first investments
Your 401(k)
Wait, didn’t we just say that a 401(k) is an investment account? We did, but if your employer offers matching contributions, you’re essentially getting a guaranteed return on a portion of the money you contribute. If you make $40,000 a year and your employer offers a 3% match, a $1,200

How To Know If The Product You Want To Sell Online Is In Demand

Starting an ecommerce webstore is a great way to make money, without having to do back breaking work. I personally made tens of thousands of dollars selling simple retail items with my ecommerce website while I was a student. Incidentally, I had a college professor who sold some weird electricity purifying do-hickey out of her basement on the Internet.

How To Know If The Product You Want To Sell Online Is In Demand

A lot of people get the “internet gold rush.” I remember telling one guy that I made money on the Internet, and he said, “Me too!!

The Importance of Crowdfunding for Startups

If you are planning to launch your startup in sometime, you would be wondering about crowdfunding. What is it all about? To be clear and precise, crowdfunding is all about sourcing important funds through the means of other people. It is a kind of collecting donations from a number of people or from special groups and organizations to carry out certain planned activities of a new startup company. While there are some risks involved in this, the process of collecting funds from a number of sources will be of great help. Here is a look at the importance of crowdfunding for the startup companies. The crowdfunding platforms will help you to pool enough funds for resources and activities.

Ecommerce Today – Go Multi-Platform

The ecommerce landscape is changing. Selling online means learning new ways of reaching out to your customers, marketing your products, fulfilling your orders, and the benefits are great. To maximize productivity, it is critical that you sell wherever your customers want to shop online, and on the device(s) they wish to use.

Want Your Online Business To Be Up There With The Best? Choose Magento!

What do Nike, Vizio, Paul Smith and Samsung have in common? Why, all their e-commerce sites are built on Magento, the world’s most popular e-commerce platform. These industry giants are reaping the full benefits of e-commerce thanks to this highly robust platform that is used by more than 20% of the world’s shopping sites. You can be in their company too once you start using Magento e-commerce development in your site.

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Rekluse Auto Clutch to My Dual Sport or Adventure Motorcycles?

I love my bikes. I’m not ashamed to say it. Each one has its charms and its woes. To increase the degree to which I experience pleasure riding each of these motorcycles, I add aftermarket parts that accentuate their intended uses.

Rise and Rise of ECommerce Industry in India

After the Indian economy became global in 1992, the next biggest move in the consumer industry is the e-commerce industry. Today on Television Media, every third advertisement is of one or the other shopping portal.

An Introduction To Website Usability Testing

When it comes to developing a site for your business, many things are to be considered. The first and foremost thing is the attractiveness of your portal.

Omni-Channel: The Future of Shopping

The landscape for stores is rapidly changing from people who buy in shopping streets to people who buy online. Around the world news items show up in which is written that institutes expect a decline in physical stores over the next years. In this article it will become clear why Omni-Channel is the future for retailers.

80 Percent of Tablet Owners Are Online Shopping, How Are You Reaching Them?

In a recent report by EPiServer entitled “Mobile Commerce: What Consumers Really Want”, studies show in the report that mobile websites and applications are no longer on the leading edge of new and emerging technology, and should be the new standard for how you market and optimize your products, website and services via the web. With this report in mind, here are some ways that you can help to ensure that customers are receiving a positive mobile experience when they visit your site on their table or other mobile devices.

How To Target An Audience For Your eCommerce Business

Times have changed for e-commerce businesses – whereas it was once new and innovative to offer products online, it is now the norm and customers have a vast selection of companies vying for their attention. So, if you want to become a successful e-commerce business then you need to develop a strategy for attracting the attention of your clients and that means knowing exactly who you need to be selling to and how to sell to them.

4 Things to Avoid on Your Ecommerce Site

Online shopping is a trend that doesn’t appear to be slowing down, and why would it? It’s a Godsent to the digitally inclined community: No heavy bags, no endless idle scanning, no tedious queues. It’s simply a click of the button, and you’re done. Or that’s the way that it should be…

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