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What’s happening to the Philippine Stock Exchange Index and other stocks in the Philippine markets that have good volume today. Here are some of the stocks that we will anlyze using technical analysis: JFC ACEN BDO MM AP and so much more!


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Please do not buy a stock just because it is talked about in Youtube. This video is for informational purposes. This is to give you a reference point and data on how you are suppose to analyse stocks only. Never buy or sell just because of this video.


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nvesting in stocks from the Philippine Stock Market (PSE) can help you achieve your financial goals more quickly. It may allow you to beat inflation and save money at a faster rate. However, you should never invest your money blindly. If you purchase stocks “just because” and not knowing why you’re buying them, then perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategy.

To avoid falling for traps and losing your hard-earned money, you should determine how to pick stocks that fit your financial goals. Let’s explore how you can pick stocks in PSE for both day trading and long-term investment.

Day Trading versus Long-Term Investment
Day trading and long-term investment are two different approaches. However, they both have the same end goal—making a profit from the stock market. In general, day traders take advantage of both rising and falling markets to enter and exit positions over a shorter time frame, taking smaller, more frequent profits[1]. While investors aim to get larger returns over an extended period of time. Take a closer look at these approaches when deciding how to pick stocks.

What is Day Trading?
Day trading involves more frequent transactions in the stock market. Its goal is to make a profit that outperforms buy-and-hold-investing. You can generate a profit from day trading by buying at a lower price and selling the stocks at a higher price within a relatively short period.

Day trading isn’t for everyone, you must have enough capital to sustain this approach. You should also fully commit to the lifestyle, treating it as a full-time job. Moreover, you must be well-adept with mathematical analyses and be full of financial knowledge. When deciding how to pick stocks, consider this approach only if you can fully commit to it.

Read more: 5 Things You Should Know As a Day Trader in Stock Market

What is Stock Investing?
On the other hand, stock investing aims to gradually build wealth over the years. This can be done by buying and holding stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment instruments. Investments are typically held for an

What Should eCommerce Businesses Focus on Beyond Designing and Development?

Most of the businesses these days understand the significance of having an influential web presence. Retailers have started selling through eCommerce websites and the results are great for them. And if you are still relying on traditional selling methods, you are losing the biggest slice of the pie.

The Keys to a Successful eCommerce Website

The idea of operating an eCommerce website to earn extra money is very popular. Many think that it is easy to do this and in some ways they are right. There are several ways that an eCommerce website can work.

Online Shopping Trends That Can Transform Your Business

Shopping online is slowly becoming a rage thanks to the easy way of picking the best products and getting them delivered at your doorstep. You don’t have to make your way through the crowded malls, wait at the trial rooms and then in the long queues to pay the bill and get it packed. Going online has made shopping a global experience.

5 Efficient Ways to Promote Your New eCommerce Site!

With the continuously growing technology, eCommerce has come a very long way over the past few years. The eCommerce stores are harnessing new techniques to make online shopping more efficient and fun.

What Is Behavioural Analysis on the Internet and How Might It Affect You?

Do you like to think that what you’re doing on the net is private and anonymous? Well, you might be surprised at how much a commercial organisation can deduce from your internet behaviours and how they’ll exploit that.

PrestaShop Development – Best Solution for Different eCommerce Businesses

Across a wide array of industry segments, eCommerce is one of the most sought after solutions from a business point of view. It has become almost critical to host an exclusive website for your business. Having an online presence is highly beneficial as well as essential in today’s marketing scenario.

E-Commerce Stores

Shopping isn’t a lady’s thing any longer! On account of developing pattern of web shopping! There are a few online stores offering incredible scope of contraptions that can keep anybody stuck to the screen for quite a long time. Likewise, there are various web stores offering scope of items for folks, high schoolers and children.

The 5 Most Common Traps of Selling Online and How to Avoid Them

Whatever your business idea, the Internet offers a great opportunity for you to reach new goals and customers from anywhere at any time. However, growing and developing your business requires planning and strategic steps in order to avoid basic mistakes when getting started. In fact, there are many little traps along the way that could slow you down or prevent your business from succeeding. The following five points will help you and your online business understand these traps and give ideas on how to avoid them.

7 Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

In this article we describe 7 ways to increase your eCommerce sales. It is remarkably important for you to employ smart ways so as to boost sales on your eCommerce website and elevate business.

Upsides of Outsourcing Magento Data Entry to Professionals

This article explains the upsides of relying of professional people for Magento product data entry. You can obviously enjoy innumerable benefits if the team you select is capable of making the most of Magento shopping cart software.

Become a New Age Entrepreneur by Selling Products Online

Online selling can help your business rep huge profits within a short span, but one has to learn how to make the most out of this golden opportunity. And here is just a way to walk through.

The Transition From Ecommerce to Mcommerce

Smartphones and tablets are becoming smarter, giving users increased capabilities and greater reach to accomplish tasks and communicate. These technologies are no longer just luxuries, but essential tools to improving business performance and giving customers greater convenience and confidence in products and services.

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